Organic or mineral growing: What difference does it make to your plants?

Organic or mineral growing: What difference does it make to your plants?

There are two distinct kinds of fertilisers: organic and mineral. In this topic we’ll tell you all about the differences between them. Are you a first-time grower? Choose for growing on peat. With this information, you can decide which kind of fertiliser (basic nutrient and additives) works best for you. But first, let’s take a look at what a fertiliser is and what it does for your plant.

What is a fertiliser?

A fertiliser is a product with a main purpose to deliver nutrients to plants. There are both liquid and solid fertilisers. The nutrients in a fertiliser are commonly classified as NPK. NPK stands for nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). These three nutrients all have a specific purpose during the development of a plant. Together, they ensure your plant can grow from a seedling into a healthy mature plant.

Nutrient source determines: organic or mineral

Nutrients can be extracted from multiple sources. The source determines if a nutrient is organic or mineral. An organic source is of vegetable of animal origin. Examples include worm manure, bat guano, fish meal and algae extract. A mineral material comes from the minerals in rocks. Sometimes mineral and organic sources are combined. The result is called an organo-mineral fertiliser.

Effect of organic fertilisers: taste 

An organic fertiliser is partially absorbed by the plant’s roots and partially by the soil life. Soil life consists of fungi, yeasts and bacteria. It has self-regulating properties and creates nutrients for your plants. With an organic fertiliser, you help sustain this soil life. As an added benefit, you won’t need to measure the pH or EC values when growing organic. You also get the best possible taste of your end products. Of course all organic fertilisers are suitable for organic farming. At Plagron, the products from the 100% NATURAL grow style are all organic, plus a few additives:

Organic peat soils: Batmix, Plagron Allmix, Royalmix and Promix
Organic basic nutrients: Alga Grow and Alga Bloom
Organic additives: Bat Guano, Mega Worm, Supermix, Vita Race, Vita Start and Calcium Kick

Effect of mineral fertiliser: yield

With a mineral fertilisers from 100% TERRA, all nutrients are absorbed directly by your plant’s roots. This means plants will grow quick and have a high yield. You can easily adjust the nutrients your plants receive when growing mineral. This makes them easy to use.

Mineral peat soils: Lightmix, Growmix
Mineral basic nutrients: Terra Grow, Terra Bloom
Mineral additives: Green Sensation, Power Roots, Sugar Royal and many more

Organic vs mineral fertilisers - video

Do you prefer watching a video? We made a video for you with a simple explanation without too many technical details. Use this link to watch the video (in English).

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