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Deficiencies: Prevention and cure

Pests: Recognition and control

Preparation and germination - Growing outdoors

Start & Growth phase - Growing outdoors

Flowering phase & harvest - Growing outdoors

Grow topics

Grow knowledge: we've got plenty of it. We think these Grow topics may be of interest to you.

Tips to get started: growing outside

Growing outdoors: When to get started?

Pros and cons of growing plants outside

Basic definitions you need to know

What influence does nature have?

Do I need a substrate?

Do I need base nutrition?

Do I need additives?

Which tools and supplies do I need?

Your first low budget indoor or outdoor grow with recyclable products

Where can I get help?

Where do I buy my grow supplies?

How can I improve soil quality for various soil textures?

How do I prepare pots for the plants

How to plant young plants or cuttings

How to make a nutrient solution for plants

What does a plant need in the growth phase?

Creating and using a grow schedule

Trouble and dangers of the growth phase

Protecting your plants from pests

Ready for the flowering phase?

Outlook: growing in May, June & July

Using the substrate selector

When can I move my plants outside?

Propagate from cuttings or seeds?

Introduction to the flowering phase

When does flowering start?

How can you recognise your plant’s bloom?

What nutrient does a flowering plant need?

What does a flowering plant need? Support and maintenance

Do's & Don’ts of flowering: Do's

Do's & Don’ts of flowering: Don’ts

Protection against extreme weather

What you need to know about harvesting

Using excess plant material to re-use soil and improve soil fertility

The basic needs for growing indoor plants

How fresh air and carbon dioxide help indoor plants grow

How does temperature affect plant growth in grow rooms?

The Kelvin colour scale of led lights for indoor plants

Humidity control for plants growing indoors

What is the first sign of flowering for an indoor plant?

How to repot indoor plants without transplant shock

Harvesting after growing indoors

What is NPK value in plant nutrients?

What does EC value of your nutrient solution mean?

Ph levels for plants: The ideal soil ph and nutrient water ph

What is the Brix value?

What is a mother plant?

EC reading: Electrical conductivity in units

How much water do my plants need?

Lazy plants

Basic knowledge about cultivation problems

Which planting tools do you need during your culture?

What does a healthy root system do for your plant?

How to see if your plant is healthy

The perfect pot for your plant

​​The art of scrogging

Topping your plants

Best buds! Green Sensation and Sugar Royal

Green Sensation is four products in one

Green Sensation is user friendly

Growing indoors with 100% Hydro and Green Sensation

Green Sensation: only the best quality

Green Sensation is very cost effective

Myths and truths about growing with Sugar Royal

Terra Grow base nutrient for indoor growing

Fast results in the flowering phase with Terra Bloom

Our grow experts are ready to help you

Organic growing with Alga Grow and Alga Bloom

Enzymes in Pure Zym as catalysts

Promix: the best organic potting soil for growing outdoors

What are the advantages of PK13-14?

Discover our 100% COCO grow style

Why do the leaves of my plant turn yellow?

Phosphorus deficiency

Low level of potassium in leaves: Symptoms are shown during flowering.

Magnesium deficiency

Calcium deficiency in plants: Plant leaves turning brown and curling up

Iron deficiency

Copper deficiency

Zinc deficiency

Boron deficiency

Molybdenum deficiency

Manganese deficiency

Sulphur deficiency

Remove suckers to save energy

Which grow style to use?

Organic or mineral growing: What difference does it make to your plants?

The truth about flushing before harvest

Dutch Pumpkin Growing Championships 2022

No room? No problem! A visit to Dominika’s 17m2 garden

A rainbow in your home: Daria’s succulents

Big, bigger, biggest!

Improving health and sharing knowledge with Rosalien

Watch your fingers! A look at Leopoldo’s cactus collection

Spice it up with some of Daniele’s habanero peppers

When small is the goal: Maurice’s bonsai collection

Centipedes: how to recognise damage?

Cabbage root flies: how to recognise damage?

Cicadas: how to recognise damage?

Thrips: how to recognise damage?

Spider mites: how to recognise damage?

Slugs and snails: how to recognise damage?

Caterpillars: how to recognise damage?

Carrot flies: how to recognise damage?

Fungus gnats: how to recognise damage?

Aphids: how to recognise damage?

Leaf miners: how to recognise damage?

Whiteflies: how to recognise damage?


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