A bucket of Plagron product Calcium Kick behind a pile of the soil improver which increases the ph level in the soil

calcium kick.

Increases the pH level and improves the soil structure

Calcium Kick is a pH regulator that increases the pH value to the ideal level of 5.5 - 6.5. Calcium Kick also improves the soil structure and ensures optimum absorption of the nutrients in the soil. This has a stimulating effect on the plant’s metabolism, which makes the plant grow faster.

The advantages of Calcium Kick
  • Contains high concentration of magnesium and trace elements.
  • Improves the soil structure.
  • Does not influence the EC value.
  • This product is suitable for organic farming (CU certified).
  • Dosage and use

    Outside: 5 - 12 kg per 100 m2.
    Potting soil: 2.5 - 5 kg per 1,000 litres of potting soil.


    Calcined algae
    40% calcium oxide (CaO)
    1% magnesium oxide (MgO)


    5 kg bucket. 


    Tips from Plagron
  • Re-use potting soil by adding Calcium Kick.
  • Mix Calcium Kick into the potting soil carefully and in the correct proportion to prevent burning the plant’s roots.
  • Frequently asked questions about Calcium Kick
    No, Plagron peat substrates already contain enough calcium for at least one cycle. You can use Calcium Kick to upgrade soil after a grow or to create a stable pH value in a coco substrate.
    Yes, especially if you want to re-use your soil after growing. Tp upgrade your soil, use 2.5 to 5 kg Calcium kick per 1000 litres of potting soil. Calcium Kick increases the pH level of the soil after growing, so the plants can absorb all the necessary nutrients.
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