A bottle of Green Sensation in a field full of healthy and glorious green plants. Because of the 4 in 1 composition your plant gets a boost

green sensation.

4-in-1 for the best taste and the highest yield

Green Sensation is a powerful fertiliser that can be used in any grow style, guaranteeing the best taste and the highest yields. It combines 4 positive effects in 1 bottle. Green Sensation improves flowering, the soil, yields and taste.

The advantages of Green Sensation
1. PK-fertiliser - Improves flowering, plant resistance and end product quality. 2. Enzymes - Prevent symptoms of deficiencies, stimulate soil life and combat oxygen wastage. 3. Enhancer - Triggers nutritional reactions in the plant for the best taste and yield. 4. Booster - Provides active nutrients for the best taste and yield.
Because of the powerful mixting ratio (1:1000) Green Sensation is very economical in use. This means that you can make 1,000 litres of nutrient solution from 1 litre of Green Sensation. With Green Sensation you only need to buy one bottle and only need to add one product to your nutrient solution (in addition to your basic nutrients) during the flowering phase. This fact makes it cheaper than schedules from other brands.
Green Sensation does not contain any hormones, animal-derived residues, GMO or other substances that may have a harmful effect on the quality of your end product. Green Sensation has a nutrient that triggers apparent salt stress in plants. This makes sure that the plant retains more nutrients and organic components, producing the best taste and yield.
Green Sensation produces the best taste and yield in every growing situation (indoors and outdoors). It can be used with every substrate, grow style and irrigation system. Green Sensation has a long shelf life and is easy to mix.
Green Sensation according to users

Growers all over the world are taking their cultivation to the next level with Green Sensation. Find out here what they think about it.

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Dosage and use

Add 1 ml of Green Sensation per 1 litre of water (1:1000). After this, add the basic nutrient until the desired EC value is reached. Use this nutrient solution each time the plants are irrigated. This product was developed especially for use from the fourth week of the flowering phase.


NPK fertiliser (0-9-10)


Green Sensation is available in 100ml, 250ml, 500ml & 1 litre bottle and 5 litre can.
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Tips from Plagron
  • Green Sensation eliminates the need for additives like PK 13-14, Pure Zym or flowering stimulators.
  • Depending on the substrate it is possible to save an amazing 50% on fertilisers.
  • Frequently asked questions about Green Sensation
    Yes, this is no problem at all.
    Green Sensation is a 4-in-1 product. With Plagron Green Sensation, you do not need to buy separate PK fertilisers, enzymes, enhancers or boosters. This is because Green Sensation contains all these products in one bottle.
    We do not believe in over-fertilisation with phosphorus and potassium. This won't benefit the quality of the plant.
    Green Sensation is not an organic product, but also won't disturb your soil life. You can safely use it when growing organic.
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