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Plagron Lightmix is a mix of the very best, carefully selected types of peat. The addition of various types of fibre and perlite results in a lightness and oxygen level found only in Plagron quality substrates. Only a minimal amount of nutrients have been added to Lightmix. This makes Lightmix the perfect substrate to fertilise according to your own judgement and choices. Lightmix produces the highest yields when used with Plagron Terra Grow, Terra Bloom and the additives from Plagron. Lightmix: also available without perlite.


Plagron Lightmix is a substrate for direct use when you are planting and transplanting flowering plants. Start fertilising after the first week.


Peat moss, perlite.

pH (EN13037): 6 - 7
E.C. (1:1,5): 0.7 - 1.1 mS/cm
Prefertilised with 1,5 kg/m³ mineral fertiliser (NPK 12-14-24)


25 L & 50 L bag.
Non perlite: 50 L bag.

Some sizes may not be available in all countries. 

Lightmix is already pre-fertilised for one week. Start giving nutrients after one week.

Yes, Lightmix is made to be used with mineral nutrients. This means that the pH value and EC value affect the absorption of the nutrients. Therefore, it's important that you keep a close eye on it.

Yes, you can, once the mineral fertiliser is out of the substrate. With Lightmix that will take about a week, while with Growmix it will take about three weeks. As long as there are nutrients in the substrate, you'll have to monitor pH and EC values. You won't need to add nutrients. Once the pre-fertilisation is gone, you can start adding Alga Grow or Bloom and you won't need to monitor anything anymore. In the period between the two you'll only have to mind the pH. Alga Grow and Alga Bloom work perfectly well on 100% TERRA substrates. But Growmix and Lightmix are not organic and do not contain soil life.

A seedling of 1-2 weeks old is ready to be planted in Lightmix.

Seeding and Cutting Soil has a low EC value. This promotes the germination and rooting of young plants. The fine structure of Seeding and Cutting Soil ensures that roots can develop optimally.


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Lightmix is mineral pre-fertilised for one week. This means that you can place your young plant directly into the Lightmix. You don't have to worry about your plant absorbing too much or too little nutrition. The fertilisers in the Lightmix can be directly absorbed by the roots; the soil life does not have to convert them first.

Because Lightmix is minimally pre-fertilised, you can fertilise as you see fit. Terra Grow and Terra Bloom are the ideal base nutrients to provide your plant with sufficient and the right nutrients during growth and flowering. In addition, the various additives in our range, such as Green Sensation and Sugar Royal, give just that extra push for a better harvest and taste.

Lightmix contains a low EC value. The low concentration of nutrients ensures that new roots are not damaged, so that they can develop more quickly. The young plants experience less stress and can fully focus on growth.

If you choose for perlite, you choose for a higher airiness of your substrate. This is great for the drainage and helps the development of the roots.


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