Two bags of Seeding and Cutting Soil are standing in the substrate. Green plants grew big in the Seeding and Cutting soil.

seeding & cutting soil.

A healthy start for seeds and cuttings

Seeding & Cutting Soil is an enriched soil mixture that is very suitable for sensitive cuttings and seedlings. It is a fine and even mix based on peat and sand. Seeding & Cutting Soil has a very low EC value and optimum pH value for seed germination. It contains balanced nutrients that allow the roots of the plant to develop faster.

The advantages of Seeding & Cutting Soil
  • Especially made for sensitive cuttings and seedlings.
  • Fast and vigorous root development.
  • Very low EC value and optimal pH value.
  • Usage

    Plant the seedlings and cuttings in a pot with Seeding & Cutting Soil.


    Peat, sand.
    NPK fertiliser (12-14-24)
    pH (H2O) 5.3 - 6.4
    EC (1:1.5) [mS/cm] 0.5


    Seeding & Cutting Soil is available in 25 litre bag.
    Tips from Plagron
  • Seeding & Cutting Soil is an ideal mix to start the cultivation.
  • Combine Seeding & Cutting Soil with Seedbooster Plus for cuttings that are difficult to root.
  • The powdery structure of this mix makes it easy to transplant plant
  • Frequently asked questions about Seeding & Cutting Soil
    A seedling of 1-2 weeks old is ready to be planted in Lightmix.
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