a box with a bottle Seedbooster Plus with germinated young plants at the background

seedbooster plus.

Fertiliser for the first phase of the plants life

Seedbooster Plus is a powerful and safe fertilizer for the plants first life phase. It provides young, germinated seedlings with immediately available nutrients. This ensures the young plant has all the essential nutrients, which considerably accelerates the growth process.

The advantages of Seedbooster Plus
  • Speeds up the plants growth process considerably.
  • Supplies the plant with all essential nutrients.
  • Dosage and use

    Shake well before use. Add 7 drops of Seedbooster Plus per 1 litre of water. Use this solution to moisten the seeds until they have germinated.


    NPK fertiliser (5-4-7)


    10 ml bottle. 

    Tips from Plagron
  • Seedbooster Plus can be used on all substrates.
  • Use Seedbooster Plus during the growth phase for an excellent start.
  • Frequently asked questions about Seedbooster Plus
    Dissolve 7 drops Seedbooster Plus in 1 liter of water. Then put your plant's seeds in this solution.
    A good method is to first soak the seeds for 12 hours. Use water that's 23 degrees Celsius and add Seedbooster Plus to it.
    Give Seedbooster Plus up to one week after rooting to protect your young plants.
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