plagron hydro a&b

hydro a & hydro b.

Two component nutrient for the growth and flowering phase

Hydro A&B is a highly concentrated mineral basic plant nutrition for use during the plant’s growth and flowering phase. Hydro A is rich in calcium which helps the plant against heat stress. Hydro B contains magnesium which enhances the production of chlorophyll, making it an indispensable building material enabling the plant to grow. Hydro A&B complement each other resulting in a complete combination of nutrients. Hydro A&B can be used on all types of inert substrates.

The advantages of Hydro A & Hydro B
  • Complete control over the EC and pH values.
  • Highly concentrated, so economical to use.
  • No crystallisation in nutrient tank.
  • Dosage and use

    Shake well before use. Add a maximum of 1.6 ml Hydro A per 1 litre of water (1:625). With every application of Hydro A use the same quantity of Hydro B. Use this solution each time the plants are irrigated.


    Hydro A
    NPK (5-0-2)
    Ca 6.2%
    MgO 0.6%
    Hydro B
    NPK (2-5-9)
    MgO 2%


    Hydro A&B is available in 1 litre bottle and 5 litres, 10 litres & 20 litres can.
    Tips from Plagron
  • Please note: always use Hydro A in conjunction with Hydro B in a 1:1 ratio.
  • Hydro A&B are suitable for both drain-to-waste and recycling systems.
  • Download the 100% HYDRO Grow Schedule for the best use, correct dosages and EC-value.
  • [EN - missing] Heb je hulp nodig bij het samenstellen van je Grow Schedule? Gebruik dan deze handige tool waarmee je online makkelijk zelf je persoonlijke Grow Schedule kunt berekenen.
    Frequently asked questions about Hydro A & Hydro B
    Plagron Hydro A & Hydro B can be used on all regular hydrological substrates.
    The nutrient solution can be stored for between four and ten days depending on the hygiene in the growing room and the water tank. Make sure that no organic products have been mixed into the solution, as they can start to spoil after 48 hours. Preferably monitor the pH value every day, as this will probably start to slowly increase.
    Green Sensation increases the EC value by 0.55 uS/cm if you add 1 ml/litre. Solve this by adding Green Sensation first, then adding Hydro A & Hydro B until you reach the desired EC level.
    Yes. The pH value of the nutrient solution must be around 5.5. The chelates in the nutrient solution improve the absorption at deviating pH values. However, as the pH value of your substrate may increasingly deviate from the pH value in the nutrient water you supply, adjusting the pH value of your nutrient solution is still necessary.
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