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euro pebbles.

Hydroponic growing for the highest yield

Euro Pebbles is a high-quality inert hydroponic substrate. The material is based on pure, salt-free clay that is baked in an open oven to produce the characteristic irregular granules. Euro Pebbles has a broad range of applications because the user can determine the nutritional value. This substrate is suitable for various cultivation methods and specifically suited to recirculating systems. Euro Pebbles is washed. Euro Pebbles produces the highest yields in combination with Plagron Hydro A&B and the additives from Plagron.

The advantages of Euro Pebbles
  • Cleaner and firmer than comparable products.
  • Has a large capacity to absorb water and oxygen.
  • Suitable for recirculating systems.
  • Usage

    Plagron Euro Pebbles is a ready to use soilless growing medium for potting and re-potting all flowering plants. After transporting rinse Euro Pebbles with water to wash out any clay dust. Start with fertilising from the first day.

    Reuse: Remove old plant debris from the Euro Pebbles. Afterwards rinse thoroughly with water. Start with fertilising from the first day. Euro Pebbles can be used for years.


    Expanded clay pebbles (8-16 mm). 

    pH 6.8 - 8.3
    EN13037 pH (H2O)

    EC 0.5 - 0.8
    E.C. (1:1.5) [mS/cm]


    10 L & 45 L bags.

    Tips from Plagron
  • Download the 100% HYDRO Grow Schedule for the best use, correct dosages and EC-value.
  • Euro Pebbles can be reused indefinitely.
  • Euro Pebbles ensures extra drainage when you put them at the bottom of the pot.
  • Mix the Euro Pebbles through the soil to ensure a moist and airy soil.
  • Frequently asked questions about Euro Pebbles
    Euro Pebbles have already been rinsed. However, dust is formed during transport, so it is best to rinse Euro Pebbles before use. You will also want to give nutrient feed water with the correct EC and pH value before planting.
    It is almost impossible to give too much water on Euro Pebbles, as the gaps between the pebbles are very large. Instead, make sure you give enough water. We recommend watering at least twice an hour, including during the night. Use a timer on your irrigation system for this. 
    You can use Euro Pebbles for many years. To do so, first remove any old plant debris. Next, soak the Euro Pebbles for 24 hours in a solution of Pure Zym and water with a pH value of 5.5. Then rinse them with a nutrient solution of 1 ml Hydro A&B per litre water. Make sure this water has a pH value of 5.5.
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