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Supermix is a unique natural fertiliser. It is carefully balanced and, among other things, contains minerals, trace elements, worm castings and seabird guano for the optimal development of the plant. Supermix ensures rich soil life and increases the resistance of the plants.

Dosage and use

Outside: 1 litre Supermix per 10 - 20 m2.
Potting soil: 25 - 50 litres Supermix per 1,000 litres of potting soil.


Minerals, trace elements, worm castings and seabird guano.
NPK fertiliser (1-2-0)


1 L pot, 5 L bucket and 25 L bag.

Some sizes may not be available in all countries.

Yes, you can use Supermix to upgrade your peat substrates. Unused, these substrates are prefertilised. This means you don't need to use Supermix for your first grow on any of these substrates.

No, Supermix can only be added to peat substrates..

Yes, you can use Mega Worm to stimulate soil life. You can combine it with Supermix to optimise the development of the plant. We recommend also using Calcium Kick to adjusting the pH level and  Bat Guano to bring enough nutrients into your soil.


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