Plagron Hydro Cocos 60/40

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Plagron Hydro Cocos 60/40 is a combination of two high quality substrates: Euro Pebbles and Cocos Premium. The mix contains 60% clay pebbles and 40% coconut fibre. It’s well suited for growing in pots and recirculation systems. The clay pebbles have a low water and high oxygen capacity. The fully buffered Cocos has a stable pH value. It’s an ideal mix for the growth and flowering of your plant!


Plagron Hydro Cocos 60/40 is a ready-to-use substrate for planting and transplanting of flowering plants. Start adding fertiliser from day one. Plagron Hydro Cocos 60/40 can be reused.


Expanded clay, coconut fibre.

pH 6.5 - 7.9
EN13037 pH (H2O)

EC 0.34 - 0.51
E.C. (1:1.5) [mS/cm]


45 L bag.

Some sizes may not be available in all countries.

The mixture of coconut fibre and clay pebbles combines the best of two substrates. The coconut is completely rinsed and buffered, which results in a forgiving substrate that will balance out problems with the pH value. The clay pebbles make the substrate more airy and give it improved drainage. Seperate coconut or clay pebble substrates would not combine these qualities.

Plagron Hydro Cocos 60/40

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With Plagron Hydro Cocos 60/40, you are growing on a substrate that contains 60% clay pebbles and 40% coconut fibre. This means that you also benefit from the qualities of these two raw materials. With the fully buffered coconut, you are sure of a coconut substrate that meets the highest quality standards, with a stable pH and a low initial EC value. The clay pebbles also ensure even better drainage and more oxygen. This in turn is beneficial to root development.

Thanks to the clay pebbles in Plagron Hydro Cocos 60/40, water is drained off quickly. This gives the substrate better oxygen balance and prevents rotting. This allows roots to develop even better and create a good basis for the transport of water and nutrients.

The coco in Plagron Hydro Cocos 60/40 is fully buffered with a stable pH value. Unique about the Plagron coconut substrates, is that they are more buffered than comparable products. Unwanted salts are flushed out during several buffering steps. This guarantees that the nutrients in, for example, Cocos A & B can be absorbed under optimum conditions.

Because the coconut in Plagron Hydro Cocos 60/40 is fully flushed and buffered, a low EC value is guaranteed. Therefore, it is a given that you are growing with a coconut substrate that is clean and pure. All unwanted salts have been flushed out during several buffering steps. This prevents your plant from having problems absorbing nutrients during growth and flowering. When you give your plant Cocos A & B in the right dosage, it can be absorbed by the plant properly. Because of the low initial EC-value a calcium deficiency is prevented. For the correct dosage download our standard 100% COCO growing schedule.


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