Cocos A & Cocos B

Two component nutrient for the growth and flowering phase

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Cocos A&B is a highly concentrated mineral base nutrient for use during the plant’s growth and flowering phase. This liquid fertiliser is easy to use and contains a balanced mix of nutrients for optimum results. Cocos A&B was developed especially for cultivation in all kinds of buffered coconut substrates and is universally applicable.

Dosage and use

Add a maximum of 4 ml Cocos A per 1 litre of water (1:250). With every application of Cocos A use the same quantity of Cocos B. Use this combined solution each time the plants are irrigated.


Cocos A
NPK (4-0-1)
Calcium (Ca): 4,5%

Cocos B
NPK (1-4-2)
MgO: 2%


1 L bottle and 5 L, 10 L & 20 L can.

Some sizes may not be available in all countries.

Yes. If you use 100% COCO grow style you should adjust the pH value to between 5.5 and 6.5 after the products have been mixed.

The nutrient solution can be stored for between four and ten days depending on the hygiene in the growing room and the water tank. Make sure that no organic products have been mixed into the solution, as they can start to spoil after 48 hours. Monitor the pH value daily, as this will probably start to slowly increase.

Cocos A & B

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Cocos A & B contains all the nutrients, in the right proportions, that your plant needs during growing and flowering. This ensures optimal results. Are you growing on a coconut substrate? Then please note that coconut needs a lot of water to prevent salt accumulation. Keep the coco wet and use Cocos A & B with each watering, so the plant always has sufficient nutrients at its disposal.

Cocos A & B is specially developed for growing on all kinds of buffered coconut substrates, such as Cocos Premium. Because a coconut substrate is an inert medium and does not contain any nutrients of its own, it is recommended to give the plant directly absorbable (mineral) nutrients. The base nutrient Cocos A & B meets this need, because it contains balanced mineral nutrients for the growth and flowering of your plant. In addition, the nutrients in Cocos A & B are easily absorbed over a wide pH range. This creates a buffer for when the pH is not quite optimal. The plant will then still be able to absorb nutrients.

Plants need both phosphorus and calcium for vigorous growth and flowering. These elements are known to bind to each other and precipitate. As a result, they are no longer absorbable by the plant. Cocos A & B prevents this process. Cocos A contains calcium and Cocos B contains phosphorus. When both nutrients are added to water separately, the solution is diluted so that calcium and phosphorus are no longer precipitated. Because single bottle solutions cannot meet the complete nutrient requirement, Cocos A & B is available in two different bottles.


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