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CalMag Pro

The perfect base for RO water and soft water

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A shortage of calcium and magnesium (Ca/Mg) in reverse osmosis (RO) water and soft water is a well-known problem. CalMag Pro ensures that a balanced concentration of minerals is available in the water. This is the perfect base to start creating your nutrient water. CalMag Pro is mainly used with RO water and soft water.

Dosage and use

Add a maximum of 1 ml CalMag Pro per 1 litre of water (1:1000). Use this solution each time the plants are irrigated.

CalMag Pro NPK

NPK fertiliser (5-0-0).
Ca: 4.1%
Mg: 2%


CalMag Pro comes in 500 ml & 1 L bottles and 5 L, 10 L & 20 L cans.

Some sizes may not be available in all countries.


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