Green Sensation: only the best quality

Green Sensation: only the best quality

As a grower, you aim to achieve the best possible end result. You also want to be able to consume the end product with complete confidence. With Green Sensation you have both!


Green Sensation does not contain any hormones, animal-derived residues, GMO or other substances that may have a harmful effect on the quality of your end product. Knowing that all the ingredients are of organic origin, means you can consume the end product with complete confidence.

Raw material

We only work with the very best raw materials, sourced from all over the world. To ensure that the raw materials are obtained in the best way, we regularly visit these places. Our R&D department also conducts strict tests on incoming raw materials, the production process and the quality of the end product. You therefore know that, with Green Sensation, you have the very best product.

End products

Green Sensation contains a nutrient that causes apparent salt stress. Adding this product to the nutrient solution means that this nutrient is automatically absorbed by the soil. With each watering, the salt stress increases slightly so that the plant gets the very best out of itself. What is clever about Green Sensation is that the nutrient that causes the apparent salt stress is broken down in the soil at the end of the crop cycle.

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