Green Sensation is user friendly

Green Sensation is user friendly

Green Sensation is very user-friendly and relieves you, the grower, of all your worries. Whatever the circumstances, it helps your plant obtain the optimum result in terms of taste and yield.

Every situation

Are you growing plants in small pots on your balcony? Have you got a few large planters in the garden? Or, are you in charge of a fully-equipped greenhouse, in which you carefully control the temperature, humidity and amount of light? Whatever your situation and level of expertise as a grower, Green Sensation will take your growing to the next level. Whatever the circumstances, it will help your plant obtain the best result in terms of taste and yield.

User friendly

Green Sensation is also very user-friendly. For example, it can be used in every irrigation system and dissolves easily in your nutrient solution. Shelflife is not a problem either. We guarantee a shelf-life of a minimum of five years for unopened bottles. Have you opened a bottle of Green Sensation? In that case, you can store and use the product for another six months.

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Green Sensation is four products in one

Green Sensation: only the best quality

Green Sensation is very cost effective


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