plagron starter set 100% TERRA

starter set 100% TERRA.

All nutrients for growing 1 plant

The Starter Set 100% TERRA contains all nutrients for growing one plant. The Starter Set is the ideal box for the starting grower who want to get to know Plagron products. With the basic nutrients Terra Grow & Terra Bloom you create a good start for your plant. The Power Roots ensures a good development for the roots.

The advantages of Starter Set 100% TERRA
  • Fast and optimal results.
  • Ideal set for the first time grower.
  • 3 products in 1 set.
  • Usage

    Read the instructions on the products in the Starter Set 100% TERRA.


    50 ml Terra Grow NPK (3-1-3)
    50 ml Terra Bloom NPK (2-2-4)
    50 ml Power Roots NPK (0-0-2)


    A Starter Set contains basic nutrients and an additive.
    Tips from Plagron
  • Download the 100% TERRA Grow Schedule for the best use and the correct dosages.
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