easy pack 100% TERRA

easy pack 100% TERRA.

All the nutrients you need for legendary results

The Easy Pack 100% TERRA contains mineral basic nutrients as well as our star product Green Sensation. With the basic nutrients you ensure a good start and strong flowering phase for your plants. Green Sensation combines 4 positive effects in 1 bottle. It improves flowering, resistance, soil and yield. The combination of products in this pack ensures a great taste of your end result and a legendary yield!

The advantages of Easy Pack 100% TERRA
  • Fast and optimal results.
  • Contains the unique product Green Sensation.
  • 3 Products in 1 set.
  • Usage

    Read the instructions on the products in the Easy Pack 100% TERRA.


    250 ml TERRA Grow (NPK 3-1-3)
    250 ml TERRA Bloom (NPK 2-2-4)
    50 ml Green Sensation (NPK 0-9-10)


    A Easy Pack contains basic nutrients and an additive.

    Tips from Plagron
  • Download the 100% TERRA Grow Schedule for the best use and the correct dosages.
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