Plagron cocos slab

cocos slab us.

Hydroponic growing with stable pH value

The Cocos Slab carries the RHP quality mark.

The advantages of Cocos Slab Us
  • Easy to use. Guaranteed low EC value. RHP approved.
  • Characteristics

    USA: for information regarding the contents and levels of heavy metals in this product, click here.

    Dosage and use

    Plagron Cocos Slab is a ready to use soilless growing medium (Packaged Soil Amendment) for potting and re-potting all flowering plants. Shake off the Cocos Slab well before use. Make sure the bottom of the Cocos Slab has sufficient drainage holes. Place the plants in the Cocos Slab. Start with fertilizing from the first day.


    Cocos Slab is available in 12 litre bag.
    Tips from Plagron
  • Cocos Slab  can be reused and after reuse applied as a soil improver.
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