cocos premium

cocos premium.

Hydroponic growing with stable pH value

Thanks to its ideal structure Plagron Cocos Premium is the perfect basic substrate. Cocos Premium is fully buffered with a stable pH value. It is particularly suitable for fast growing plants. Cocos Premium meets the most stringent quality standards and does not contain any fertilisers. It can be re-used and after re-use suitable as soil improver. Cocos Premium produces the highest yields in combination with Plagron Cocos A&B and the additives from Plagron. Cocos Premium carries the RHP quality mark.

The advantages of Cocos Premium
  • Completely buffered substrate with stable pH.
  • Guaranteed low EC value.
  • RHP approved.
  • Usage

    Plagron Cocos Premium is a ready to use soilless growing medium (Packaged Soil Amendment) for potting and re-potting all flowering plants. Start with fertilising from the first day.


    Buffered coco peat, buffered coco fibres.

    pH 6.1 - 7.4
    EN13037 pH (H2O)

    EC  0.09 - 0.14
    E.C. (1:1.5) [mS/cm]


    Cocos Premium is available in 50 litre bag.
    Tips from Plagron
  • Cocos Premium can be reused and after reuse applied as a soil improver.
  • Download the 100% COCO Grow Schedule for the most appropriate use and the correct dosages and EC-value.
  • Frequently asked questions about Cocos Premium
    No. Cocos Premium has already been rinsed and buffered, in accordance with the highest standards. You can start potting your plants immediately.
    We advise you add Cocos A&B to the water from day one.
    Did you use a lot of fertiliser during your last harvest? Then keep in mind that not all nutrition dosed may have been absorbed by your plants. As a result, the EC or pH value of your soil might be too high for reuse. You can lower the EC value by rinsing Cocos Premium after use. The pH value can be lowered by using PH Min or Lemon Kick.
    The quality is identical. Cocos Premium is shipped from Asia to the Netherlands pressed, and is soaked here.
    No, Supermix can only be added to soil.
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