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Whether you’re a passionate home grower or a licensed producer: we’ve got the right products for your grow. In addition to our four lines of basic nutrients, you can choose from a wide range of additives that each have their unique effects. And we’re there to guide you every step of the way. That’s our promise: to do everything to empower you, the passionate grower, to achieve legendary results. Here’s how.


  • Leading quality

    Leading quality

    You expect the best quality, and so do we. Each product we create and produce matches this high quality standard. All our products measure up to the latest trends, developments and legislations. This makes them the best products on the market. And here’s how we keep it that way:

    • We carefully select the best raw materials to make our products with.
    • Each and every batch is checked to ensure the highest quality.
    • We cooperate with leading global agricultural partners to know what you, the grower, need.  
  • Easy to use

    Easy to use

    Whether you’re a beginner or a professional: growing should be easy. We believe everyone can make a success of their grow. Here’s how we help you make it happen:

    • We’ve got a compact range of highly concentrated and super effective products.
    • Our products are suitable for every grower’s wishes and needs.
    • Each grow style has its own recognizable colour.
    • Experiment as much as you want: all basic nutrients are compatible with all additives.
  • Cost effective

    Cost effective

    Growing doesn’t have to be a costly affair. No matter your growing goals, our products always give you the best bang for your buck. And we can back it up:

    • You only need a little of our highly concentrated products for optimal results.
    • Less is more. You won’t need loads of different products to get great results. And that saves you money.
    • When using Plagron products exclusively you eliminate the risk of deficiencies and always get the best results.
  • Coaching and support

    Coaching and support

    You want to grow to your full potential. We’ll help you get there and become an experienced, passionate grower. Here’s what we can do for you:

    • Answer any and all questions you may have. Our team of Grow Experts is ready for them. DM us on social or send an email to servicedesk@plagron.com.
    • Get you prepped and guide you during your entire grow cycle.
    • Help you find the right grow style and products for your situation.
    • We know each grow cycle is different, which is why you can easily make your own grow schedule on our website. Just starting out? We’ve got you covered with premade schedules.

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