a ski slope in the mountains

UPDATE: personal record Corentin Desbois


The Frenchman Corentin Desbois has a peculiar hobby: he tears down mountain on a snowscoot at more than 170 kilometres an hour! Plagron sponsors his quest for new speed records.

After an aborted attempt in 2018, it was time for a new world speed record this year. Unfortunately, the weather ruined things again, but Corentin did manage to break his personal record. He reached a blistering 178,4 kilometres an hour. If this had been an official record run, it would have been a world record. We’re optimistic for next year!

ENGLISH - MASTER Speed Tips by Corentin Desbois
Plagron Record Day 2019 - Corentin Desbois
corentin desbois on his snowscoot after having deployed his parachute
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