Top Grow Box 100% TERRA

All the nutrients you need for growing on 1 m²

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Plagron Top Grow Box 100% TERRA contains everything you need for growing on 1 m². The Top Grow Box is the best choice if you prefer flexibility. Thanks to the immediately absorbable nutrients in Terra Grow and Terra Bloom you can always respond quickly to the needs of your plant.


Read the instructions on the products in the Top Grow Box 100% TERRA.


100 ml Terra Grow (NPK 3-1-3)
1 L Terra Bloom (NPK 2-2-4)
100 ml Power Roots (NPK 0-0-1)
100 ml Pure Zym
100 ml Green Sensation (NPK 0-9-10)


One Top Grow Box contains base nutrients, additives and the unique booster Green Sensation.

When growing with 100% TERRA your plants need extra enzymes. If you're growing with 100% NATURAL these aren't required. To ensure your plants receive enough enzymes the Top Grow Box 100% TERRA comes with Pure Zym instead of Vita Race. Using Vita Race with our 100% TERRA grow style is fine.

We recommend combining Lightmix or Growmix when using the Top Grow Box 100% TERRA. These substrates
have been specially developed to be used with all 100% TERRA nutrients.


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