Tips to get started: growing outside

Before you start your first outdoor grow, you need to make some choices. Each one of these will lead to certain advantages and drawbacks. In this topic we’ll give you tips and help you with a summary of the first questions that you need to answer for your growing plan.

Have a plan and start small

You’ll get the most fun out of growing outdoors if you plan ahead a bit. You can start by buying the stuff you’ll need and preparing certain things before the big moment to start comes.

Answer these questions for yourself:

What does an outdoor cultivation look like?

Once you’ve made your choices and bought your first supplies, you’ll have to wait for the right moment to start. What does the rest of the cultivation look like, now? A plant’s life has several phases, each of which requires different care and nutrition. 

Plagron products to get you started

For germination you can use to Seedbox or Seedbooster Plus. These products are developed to help your seed germinating. The starting grower Plagron has a try-out product. Starter set 100% NATURAL for organic cultivation or Starter set 100% TERRA for a mineral cultivation. Just choose which grow style fits you best and go! The Plagron Starterset contains base nutrients (grow and bloom) and Power Roots for growing 1 plant. If you are a starter and want to grow more plants in one go, try the Top Grow Box 100% NATURAL of Top Grow Box 100% TERRA. These boxes contain Green Sensation too. 

Do you need help with your outdoor grow?

If you need help during your grow cycle about your plant or blooming nutrition, ask our Grow Experts via Servicedesk.

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