Zinc deficiency

Zinc deficiency

When there is a shortage of zinc, the younger leaves start to yellow between the veins. Leaves become discoloured and start to die. They can also have a unique striped pattern and the plant stops growing vertically. If the problem is not corrected in time, the plant might stop growing entirely or even die.

How do you recognise a zinc deficiency?

What is the (possible) cause?

How can you prevent it?

Keep in mind that zinc is best absorbed in an acidic root environment. Use one of our basic nutrients (like Cocos A&B) to reduce the likelihood of a deficiency. Also keep abiotic factors in mind. These include temperature, light intensity, acidity, amount of moisture and wind strength. A zinc shortage can also be caused by stressful circumstances. If this is the case, the symptoms may disappear automatically when the period of stress is over.

How can you cure it?

Do you suspect that your plant has a zinc deficiency due to a high pH value? Then you can rinse your system with clean, pH-controlled water. If you use quality soil and the right nutrients, you do not need to add extra zinc to the soil. Damaged leaves will not fully recover. The deficiency has been remedied when new leaves do not show symptoms.

What does zinc do for the plant?

Zinc increases the resistance of the plant. In addition, it is an important element of the naturally occurring growth hormone auxin. Zinc is used for the stretch of the stem and veins. It also ensures the development and proper functioning of chlorophyll, which helps your plant grow. Many enzymes also require zinc to fulfil their function.

Not sure if you have a zinc deficiency?

Contact our grow expert via Servicedesk and ask for advise.

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