What is the first sign of flowering for an indoor plant?

What is the first sign of flowering for an indoor plant?

The flowering phase is the final phase in the indoor plant's life cycle. It is perhaps the most important phase. But what are the signs of flowering? At the start of the flowering phase you will see the internodes get shorter. Internodes are the parts in between two branches. Further growth of the plant slowly decreases. The first signs of buds become visible. In this phase, the plant focuses on increasing the number of these buds. Eventually the focus will shift to the development of fruit.

Based on our 11 weeks Grow Schedule for growing indoor, a plant cycle has the following phases:

Phase 1: transitional phase from growth to flowering (between week 2 and 3)

To help plants get into the flowering stage, the amount of light hours must be reduced to less than 12. In these light hours the plant creates sugars through photosynthesis. During the dark hours, these sugars are used to create buds. The appearance of buds is one of the clearest signs of flowering. The plant can grow explosively in this short period. You can start giving you plants Sugar Royal from the second growth week until the last flowering week.

Phase 2: development of flower buds (week 3-5)

In this phase the plant stops growing. The first flower buds are growing bigger. You can start giving your plant flowering nutrients, like Alga Bloom or Terra Bloom. To give your buds an extra boost, you can start adding Green Sensation from week 4 of flowering. 

Phase 3: fruit development phase (week 6-10)

After the buds open into flowers, the plant will start to set fruit. It will continue to generate small leaves and twigs, but we recommend that you remove these. That way all the plants energy can go into developing fruit. In this phase the plant needs a lot of phosphorus and potassium. Continue adding Green Sensation to your nutrient solution. Besides it's other functions, Green Sensation is a PK 9-10 fertiliser.

Phase 4: ripening phase (week 11)

In this phase the plant stops producing leaves, fruit and other plant material. The nutrients and energy that it receives are all used directly for the ripening of the fruit. Your plant no longer needs nutrition in this phase. Water will do.

Tips for the flowering phase:

  • Make sure you have sufficient lighting. Your plants hormone system may be disturbed if it does not receive enough light.
  • Keep in mind that your plant will grow explosively during the transition into the flowering phase. Ensure that your grow room offers your plants plenty of room to grow taller.
  • Keep the humidity in your grow room low. This gives fungi less chance to infect your fruit.
  • Keep a close eye on the pH- and EC-values. This is not necessary if you use our 100% NATURAL line.

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What is the first sign of flowering for an indoor plant?
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