What nutrient does a flowering plant need?

What nutrient does a flowering plant need?

Although the flowering phase is pretty easy for the grower, the plant is working its ass off. Now is the right time to help it with some flowering fertilisers.

What nutrient is needed for flowering?

Nutrition for the flowering phase has a different NPK value than growth phase nutrients. What was NPK again? The three letters are for Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K). These are the three most important elements, called macro nutrients. For a growing plant, nitrogen is an essential building block. That’s why growth nutrients have a higher percentage of nitrogen.
Nutrients for blooming contain more phosphorus and potassium than nitrogen. Phosphorus plays a major role in the plants breathing and is essential for flower formation. Potassium is responsible for the firmness of cell walls. It also controls the stomata that the plant uses to absorb carbon dioxide, hydrogen and oxygen from the air.

When to start blooming nutrients?

Your plant will start its flowering phase with a growth spurt. You’ll notice the first pistils emerging by this time. But since the plant is still growing so quickly, you’d be smart to leave it on growth nutrients. Some species can practically double in size during this growth spurt. You’ll switch to blooming nutrientss once the growth stops and you see solid fruit and flower formation. Our bloom nutrients Alga Bloom and Terra Bloom are perfect to give your outdoor plants a bit of help. Plagron has 2 PK-fertilisers in its UNIVERSAL range: The booster Green Sensation and Enhancer PK13-14. Both products are high on pk-nutrients and are always used as an addition to basic blooming nutrients.

Do you need help with your outdoor grow?

If you need help during your grow cycle about your plant or blooming nutrition, ask our Grow Experts via Servicedesk.

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What does a flowering plant need? Support and maintenance.


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