Which planting tools do you need during your culture?

Which planting tools do you need during your culture?

There are lots of planting tools that can make life easier for you as a grower. Which equipment is there? And how can it help you make a success of your grow?

In each phase of your grow you need different planting tools. Let's take a look at all phases and check which equipment can help you at which time. Of course we'll also tell you what you need them for.


In this phase you ensure that your seeds or cuttings develop into healthy seedlings. The easiest way to germinate a seed is to submerge it in a glass of water. Make sure you refresh this water daily. Other ways to germinate are for instance in wet cotton wool or coffee filters. Do you see a white root emerge from the seed? Then it is time for your seed to be planted in a small pot or tray with our Seeding and Cutting Soil. A cutting can be planted straight away. Use a pair of tweezers for planting. Disinfect these tweezers with pure alcohol first. This is because your seeds will have little resistance against diseases.

Growth and bloom phase

  • Substrate of your choosing
  • Large pot or tray
  • Garden shovel
  • Thermometer and hygrometer
  • Cellophane foil
  • The basic nutrient of your choosing, preferably from the same line as your substrate
  • Water
  • PH meter
  • EC meter (soil or solution meter)
  • Stirring stick
  • Dosing syringe, Pasteur pipette or measuring cap
  • Watering can or large measuring cup
  • Leaking tray or dish
  • Plant sprayer
  • Bamboo sticks
  • Plant moisture meter


During the growth and bloom phase your plant grows large and healthy. This leads to it having a good yield. When your seed is large enough, you can plant it in a large pot or tray with the substrate you've chosen. Of course, you can also plant them in open soil. Use a garden shovel when repotting your plants. For young plants, a high humidity is very important. You can reach this by covering your growing tray with cellophane foil. This keeps the humidity in your growing tray above 70%. Use a hygrometer to keep an eye on humidity. It's also useful to know the temperature. Use a thermometer for this.

Plant moisture, EC (solution/soil) and pH meter

Of course, your plant also needs water. You can use a plant moisture meter which will help you determining when to water your plant. Are you growing with our 100% TERRA, 100% COCO or 100% HYDRO growing style? Then we suggest measuring the pH and EC value. For this you can use a pH and EC meter, respectively. A EC soil meter can be used for measuring EC in the soil insead of the nutrient water.

Mixing nutrients

Mix the basic nutrient and the water with a stirring stick. To ensure your plants receive enough nutrients you can dose them. Use a dosing syringe, Pasteur pipette or measuring cap for this. Next, you can use a watering can or measuring cup to give the nutrient solution to your plant's roots. The excess water can be collected in a leaking tray or dish. Do you give your plant foliar feed? Then use a plant sprayer.

Are your plants growing very quickly? Make sure to support them, for instance with bamboo sticks. This prevents the branches from hanging or even breaking.


  • Scissors (cutting shears or leaf trimmer)
  • Gloves
  • Pure alcohol

Just like during germination, it's important to protect your plants against diseases during harvest. Therefore, always use gloves and scissors (cutting shears or leaf trimmer) that have been disinfected with pure alcohol.


Which planting tools do you need during your culture?
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