The perfect pot for your plant

The perfect pot for your plant

Plants absorb most of their nutrients through their roots. The right pot can help you promote the growth of the root system. Let's outline all the different kinds of pots.

Pot size

It is important not to put your pant in too large of a pot at the start of the cultivation. Moving your plant to a large pot a couple of times helps create a healthy root system. Start with a relatively small pot. The risk of overwatering is lower in small pots. Afterwards, a rule of thumb is that for every 20 centimeters your plant is tall it needs a pot size of 3 liters. There are multiple different kinds of pots, however. Which pot is best for which situation?


Plastic pots are available in different sizes and types.They vary from about 1 to 20 liters. 


These pots are made out of a fabric comparable to felt. It is porous and allows roots to grow through. They can be bought as square, round and rectangular pots from 1 to 500 liters.


The airpot is a good combination of plastic and fabric pots. These pots are made of plastic, but have the properties of fabric pots.

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