​​The art of scrogging

​​The art of scrogging

Scrog is an abbreviation of screen of green. This frequently used growing technique forces your plants to grow horizontally. When scrogging, a rack or net with meshes is placed above your plants. This causes them to grow through the grid. More leaves are then able to absorb light. Scrogging is ideal when you want to optimally use a small grow room.

Why scrogging?

One of the most important goals of scrogging is creating a proportional foliage. By doing this, light is distributed more evenly over the plant's leaves. It prevents parts of a plant being in the shade and not getting enough light. Scrogging is also useful when growing indoors in a low space. You force the trunk and branches to grow horizontally. This allows you to make the most of a grow room with little height.

What do I need?

You can buy scrog nets and racks in specialized stores. You can also easily make them yourself. Place the net just above your plants. The exact height depends on the type of plant you are growing. It can vary from 20 to 50 centimeters above the pot. It's also important to top your plants in time. This way, your plants will develop more lateral tops. How often you should top your plants depends on the amount of plants you plant per square meter.

How do I scrog?

Divide the side branches over the scrognet as much as possible. You essentially push the branches under the net, so they will grow horizontally. Your plant wants to grow vertically towards the light however. Because of this, you may have to bend stems or branches. This is no cause for concern. The plant will recover after bending. Make sure your plants do not start flowering until the scrognet has been properly filled. Also keep in mind that plants will continue to grow for a few weeks after scrogging.


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