Plagron Terra Grow and Terra Bloom in purple bottles with an EC meter

Terra Grow basic nutrient for indoor growing

If you’re growing indoors and want a quick result, growing organic isn’t for you. You are looking for a mineral basic nutrient that has unique advantages compared to an organic growstyle. Plagron Terra Grow is a mineral based growth nutrient from the 100% TERRA growstyle. Ideal for indoor growers!

Mineral and organic

Organic basic nutrients are very well suited to outdoor growing and for plants with longer growth phases and slow fruit formation. For fast growing plants, a mineral basic nutrient is better. Why? Mineral nutrients don’t need to be processed by soil life before they become available to your plants. That means you don’t need to take a processing period into account. When you fertilise your plants, they immediately take up the nutrients for fast results! But unlike with organic nutrients you will need to monitor your pH and EC levels when using Plagron Terra Grow and Terra Bloom. Using organics, these are buffered by soil life, so it’s not an issue.

Why use growth nutrients?

Plants need different nutrients in different ratios at certain points in their lives. Plagron Terra Grow provides your plant with the three big elements (NPK) nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in a perfect ratio for the growth phase. This ensures an optimal growth, which is essential for the later flowering phase. Once your plant is flowering, you can use Terra Bloom, a flowering nutrient which provides exactly what a flowering plant needs.

Additives from Plagron

We advise you to use Pure Zym and Power Roots along with Plagron Terra Grow. This combination ensures optimal growth by improving soil composition and helping with root development. You can try this combination at a good price with our Starter Set 100% TERRA and Top Grow Box 100% TERRA. Both of these sets include Terra Grow, Terra Bloom and additives.

Plagron 100% TERRA Grow Schedule

Want to know more about use and dosage of Plagron Terra Grow? Download the 100% TERRA grow schedule or use our Grow Schedule Calculator for a tailor made schedule. These will show clearly how much Terra Grow and additives you need to water your plants with at each point in your grow.
Terra Grow basic nutrient for indoor growing
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