Spectacular pepper growth

Spectacular pepper growth

We’re back at Daniele’s Habanero’s Farm in Northern Italy. Last time we checked the peppers had gone into the growth phase and Daniele was looking at an enormous harvest. Did everything go as planned? Let’s hear it from Habanero’s Farm.

How are your plants doing right now?

The plants are doing very well overall! I had no problems with insects, diseases or nutritional deficiencies. So, the fertigation process was very succesful and the plants are nice and healthy. Once again, I’m happy that I chose Plagron for my plants.

Good to hear, man! Do you have any very succesful varieties?

I have several favorite plants! For example I really like the Habaneros Chocolate and the Jalapeño. They produce beautiful peppers and deliver great yields. I’ve already harvested hundreds of kilos of chili peppers from these and I’m going to continue until winter. Another example of a very cool plant is the Mithra. This is my own genetic cross of the Carolina Reaper Red and the Habanero White Giant. This thing is showing spectacular vegetative growth this year. I have huge plants with thousands of peppers.

Are they still growing? Isn’t it time to flower?

Right now, everything is in the fruit forming phase. The plants are constantly forming new peppers. They continue to prosper and bloom, though. It’s not as if fruit formation actually means the end of the life cycle with these plants.

Awesome! Which of our products are you using?

I’m still using Terra Bloom, which is perfect for flowering and fruit formation. It has the perfect ratio of nutrients for a hard working plant. To support the roots, I’m also using Power Roots two times a week.

Are you using as much of our products as you did during growth?

Yes, quite a lot. I distribute the nutrients during irrigation, every other day. One irrigation round is a 1000 litre water tank with 5 litres of Terra Bloom. So, I prepare them according to the usage notes on the packaging: 5ml per litre of water. That’s a 5 litre can every other day. Three 5 litre cans a week. I’m actually expanding the plantation next year, so I’m thinking about building a little stock of Plagron products. That way I won’t have to buy a year’s worth of stuff at once, next year.

What do you hope to achieve with our products this year?

Thanks to these products, the plants will continue to grow and mature and bear fruit, without any particular stresses or deficiencies. The plants will end the season very strong, so the production will be very rich this year.

Good stuff! What are your plans for next season? You mentioned expanding?

Yes, in the next growing season I wish to increase the number of plants. I’m going to select the best genetics and the most productive and resistant varieties with even more care. I increase my knowledge every year, after all.

Spectacular pepper growth
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