Ready for the flowering phase?

Ready for the flowering phase?

Growing outdoors for beginners. A number of weeks have passed now and your plants have grown well. Some plants will need some extra growth time and the next phase will have to wait a while long. Nevertheless it’s almost time to start flowering!

Shortening days…

For most plants the shortening days are the starting signal to start flowering. In nature, this is a reproductive mechanism. Shortening days mean that fall is approaching and the plant going to form flowers and fruit to spread seeds. Fructification requires different nutrients than forming green parts during the growth phase. As a grower, you want firm fruit of a good quality.

Are you ready?

You don’t need to do much in preparation of the flowering phase. The plants do most of the work. But it is important that you are able to recognize when the flowering phase begins. The visual cues for this differ between species and we don’t need to cover that in detail right now. In topics of the coming weeks, we will deal with the flowering phase in detail! What you will need to prepare is the nutrition for the flowering phase. In Plagron’s nutrients for peat based substrates, that would be Alga Bloom or Terra Bloom.

Grow topics

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