Put some more green in your home

Put some more green in your home

Our products aren’t only suitable for fruit bearing plants. House plants can also benefit a lot from high quality plant nutrients. Stephanie can chip in on that. She runs a webshop were she sells dozens of varieties of house and chamber plants, from her own cultivation.

How did you get started?

It all began with growing a bunch of orchids, but these days I grow all sorts. That was five years ago and since then I’ve built up a webshop where I sell many different species and varieties of house plants. I’ve got philodendrons, syngoniums, begonias, alocosias and some cacti and succulents. For me the challenge is to offer people the most exotic varieties I can.

Sounds like you’ve got a lot of plants at your place?

Loads! Right now, there are around 50 plants in my own living room. In the office there are another 700 of them, many of different species. You can imagine how much water and nutrients you need for so many plants.

Enormous amounts! Sounds like a lot of maintenance.

Yes, and that’s exactly why I use Plagron. I haven’t been using your products for very long yet, but I do see an immediate effect. Thanks to Plagron my plants are arriving at customers in the best possible health. That’s very valuable to me.

How long have you been growing plants?

I’ve been growing house plants for  five years. Time has flown since then and I really think I have the best job in the world! Growing plants for a living! It doesn’t get any better. Of course, I have to be honest and admit that not all my plants survived in that period. Maybe your products will improve my score even more on that count.

Which products do you use?

Mostly Alga Grow, because it has a number of big advantages for me. I have lots of plants at home, so I want a product to be as user friendly as possible Alga Grow is easy to use and you don’t need an EC and pH meter. That makes mixing the nutrient solution and watering your plants much less time consuming. It’s also nice to have Alga Grow available in large quantity packages. It cuts down on plastic bottles, which is friendlier for the planet and all her plants.

Which of our products would you like to try next?

Honestly, I want to try all of them. But I have to start somewhere, right? I’ll be using the Seedbox soon the germinate some begonia seeds. I’m looking forward to seeing how well it works.

Exciting! Got any other big plans for this years?

Of course! I want to expand my webshop, so I’ll be searching for new special varieties to sell in future. You do need some special highlights in your shop to bring in new customers.

Got any questions about (house) plants?

Stephanie made her house plant hobby into her job. But there many others who are using Plagron to get their plants growing stronger, healthier or just more beautiful. In the other Grow Stories you’ll read more of these Plagron users’ experiences. Are you a grower and do you have questions about the application of our products? Contact our Servicedesk.

For more information check out: @Groeninhuis en meergroeninhuis.nl

Put some more green in your home
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