two plants in pots, ready to be planted outside

Pros and cons of growing plants outside

Growing outdoors for beginners. The biggest advantage of growing outdoors is obvious: your plant gets free light and water. This has a drawback in itself, though, because you cannot control the light source (the sun) or the quantity of rainwater. There can be too much rain in a short time, and at other times it can be very hot and dry for a long time. Both situations are detrimental to your plants.

The good

  • Basic requirements of your plants are free.
  • Your project doesn’t take up space inside.
  • Soil structure in the garden is often reasonable to begin with.
  • You can plant in a bigger plant hole outdoors.

The bad

  • Less control over temperature and amounts of water and light.
  • Plants can be damaged by extreme weather situations or insects.
  • Some of these problems can be helped by cultivating in pots. But pots will limit the maximum size your plant will reach.

Do you want to know more about growing outdoors?   

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