Prickly future

Prickly future

It’s time to revisit the Wild Cactus Nursery. Leopoldo is an expert on everything about exotic cacti and succulents. Last time we talked to him, he hoped to get a good growth phase going. Let’s see how his plants are doing!

So how’s it going at the Nursery? 

Things are going well! The plants are now all in full vegetative season after growing as hard as they could. Many of them are also making new flowers continually. Every day is full of colour here at the Nursery. 

Do you have a favorite plant? Is there one that is strange, cool or otherwise special? 

Absolutely! My favorite strange plant is the Pseudolithos cubiformis. It’s a little succulent that can grow into a cube shape. It also looks a little like a rock. It’s really strange to see. They’re very rare to grow because it’s really difficult to find seeds or matured plants. In its natural habitat this plant is very threatened and there are only few specimens. And when you finally have a couple of them, animals make your work difficult too. They eat the Pseudolithos cubiformis! It’s sad, but that’s the circle of life. Luckily the quality of Plagron’s products give me the chance to keep such rare specimens alive and strong! 

Which products do you use in this phase and how much?  

Right in this part of the season, I’m using Terra Grow for some plants and Terra Bloom for others. As additives I’m giving Start Up, some plants also get PK 13-14, and most others Green Sensation. I usually combine these products in different percentages for different phases of the grow. I noticed earlier that my cacti and succulents love to stay at about half of the indicated dosage. It’s a specific thing with cacti: they don’t like nitrogen very much. Never forget that if you want to grow cacti. So, for some varieties I drop the nutrient dosage to half or even less if there’s a higher percentage of nitrogen in the nutrients. 

It’s awesome to see growers adapt our products to many different types of plants! What do you hope to achieve in future? 

Honestly, I’m very happy with the achievements of this season already. I’m happy with the products and I can honestly tell people who read this: use Plagron for your plants. You won’t regret it. 

Thanks for the kind words! We’ll be talking to you later this year. Where do you hope to be? 

I hope I can get some more space. I always need more space. The number of plants just keeps growing and growing. I sow and plant a lot of new stuff every time but my space here is limited. Time to break down some barriers and keep growing! 

Prickly future
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