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Outlook: growing in May, June & July

Growing outdoors for beginners. Getting started with outdoor growing. The start of the year, from February through April, was the moment to prepare for your outdoor grow. During these months, you could improve your soil, buy the stuff that you’re going to need and germinate your seeds. You’ve made the necessary choices, like whether you’re going to grow in pots or open soil, whether you’re growing from seed or using cuttings. Now, the time has come to put your choices into practice.

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What will the coming months look like?

Throughout the months of May, June and July, your plants will go through the growing phase and at the start of this period they will finally move outside. That will take the necessary preparations, of course.
  • Growing in May. This is a very important month for the outdoor grower: it’s the month in which you will take your young plants outside. From May 11th through 14th are days we call ‘the ice saints’ in Central Europe. After this period the chance of temperatures dropping below freezing at night becomes practically nil. So, after around the 14th or 15th of May it’s safe to start planting outdoors!
  • Growing in June. This is a month with ideal circumstances for growth. Most plants will enjoy the generally higher temperatures, moist soil and the longest days of the year. They will get more than 16 hours of sunlight now. Your plants are now fully in the growth phase and will form more and more green parts above ground, like stems and leaves, while the roots are forming a wider network. You can help the plant in it’s growth with nutrients like Plagron Alga Grow and root stimulants such as Power Roots.
  • Growing in July. Temperatures are still high generally, so most plants are still growing along nicely. But this month also has it’s dangers. There might be long hot periods, where you have to water your plants more. Diseases and plagues like mildew, fungi or phytophthora can rear their heads. These also make your plant more attractive to pests like certain insects. You can protect your plants from disease and pests by keeping them in the best possible state with good nutrients and additives. Pests can be fought or prevented with biological means or natural enemies.
It’s clear: your plants will be doing a lot of growing in the following months. Some species might even have an early harvest, but most types of fruit or vegetables will keep you waiting a while longer.


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