Organic growing with Alga Grow and Alga Bloom

Organic growing with Alga Grow and Alga Bloom

If you want nutrients and substrates that are certified for organic cultivation the 100% NATURAL grow style is perfect. Using this style you have a choice of four substrates, like Batmix which is enriched with bat guano or Plagron Allmix which has especially high water retention. These substrates work together perfectly with the basic nutrients Alga Grow and Alga Bloom. We’ll explain why.

Secret ingredient

The secret to our Alga nutrients is that they are based on completely organic algae extract. This extract contains different types of amino acids, that help your plant with many of its growth and flowering processes. Some help with energy management and others are used as building blocks. Other amino acids are taken up as nutrients, with the advantage that they are already partly ‘digested’ and the plant can take them up more easily.

Soil life

Apart from the amino acids we have described, the nutrients in Alga Grow and Alga Bloom are not mineralised. This means that they have to be digested before a plant can do anything with them. This is due to the biological origin of the products. A plant cannot digest these nutrients itself: it needs help from bacteria and other soil life to do so. The 100% NATURAL substrates are all rich in soil life, which digests the nutrients in Alga Grow and Alga Bloom well for the plant. Do not forget that this process takes some time. Batmix, Royalmix and Plagron Allmix are all pre-fertilised for at least six weeks. That covers the growth phase of most plants. But do not wait too long to supplement with Alga Bloom before flowering begins. It takes around two weeks to convert the nutrients, so start from week four. 

Growing without worries

Luckily Alga Grow and Bloom are super easy to use. That’s another advantage of the soil life: it catches excess nutrients and even forms a buffer against a pH-value that goes to low or high. So you don’t need a pH meter and you don’t need to worry about EC. Just stick to the dosage of 4 ml per liter of water and watch your plants grow and flower. You’re well on your way to a good and fully organic harvest!

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