Mother nature delivers veggies

Mother nature delivers veggies

We’re talking to Patrick, who’s known as The Frenchie Gardener on Instagram. He currently lives in the concrete jungle of Berlin, but he’s growing his own vegetables and turning his balcony into a green jungle!

Hi Patrick! What is your goal for growing plants?

My goal is to spread Green Love through my Instagram page! I love to inspire others and show them that it's totally possible to grow your own food organically, even while living in a big city. Welcoming back nature in our cities is essential, so that we can keep a certain necessary proximity to nature!


What did you grow last summer?

I grew everything from seeds and in pots on my terrace located in the heart of Berlin. I had around 10 types of different varieties of tomatoes and cherry tomatoes, 3 varieties of eggplants, 2 varieties of zucchinis, cucumbers, lettuce, radishes, peppers, kale, kitchen herbs... It was a lot but it’s also never enough when you love gardening.


How many plants did you grow?

I had around 50 pots and 6 growing tables on my terrace. That took around 10 square meters.


What are you going to do with all those vegetables you harvested?

I eat them all! I love to pick fresh veggies from the garden and prepare a great meal with them. I also love to share them with my friends, as growing organically makes such a difference in terms of taste. I love hearing that the taste has no comparison with what they can find in grocery stores. Gardening makes you rediscover the true taste of nature.


How long have you been doing this?

It's been a year and a half now and it has become a true passion! I've learnt so much during that time and I can't wait to explore more varieties, because nature has so much to offer.


And for how long have you been using Plagron?

It's been around 9 months and I'm so happy, because I really feel the difference.


What are you growing right now?

This autumn, I will grow spinach, turnips, broccoli, cauliflower, winter lettuce, winter radishes, lamb's lettuce, rocket salad and carrots. A whole new season is starting!


Which products do you use right now? Why have you chosen this substrate?

I love using your Seeding & Cutting Soil for my seedlings. It has everything for the seeds to germinate and make their first healthy steps of growth. I also love to use the Plagron Allmix fertilised soil, it is a great soil as it's a light one. It retains moisture with the perlite and it provides the right nutrients for the plants. Mixing it with compost is doing wonders, I think. All my plants this year were so healthy and developed incredibly well. For me, investing in a great soil is the most important in gardening!

Besides the soil, I'm also mixing in Mega Worm. It helps to create soil life in your containers which is key! I also recently discovered your Bat Guano, which I use as a top dressing. When the plants are starting to produce their fruits or veggies, they need a nutrient boost and everytime I used the Bat Guano, I saw a clear difference in the next two weeks. It's clearly giving them the boost they need to produce and to grow further. So long story short: I love the Plagron products and I'm only using them!


What are you hoping for the next time we will check out your grow?

I hope you'll see an amazing green urban jungle full of organic and yummy veggies! It's clearly my little paradise!


Don't forget to check out Patrick's Instagram page!

Mother nature delivers veggies
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