leaf miner tunnels showing damage done to a leaf

Leaf miners: how to recognise damage?

Leaf miners can cause a lot of problems. They lay their eggs in the centre of a leaf. The hatching larvae then dig tunnels through the leaves to get to their food. These tunnels leave very noticeable white markings behind. The damage leads to leaves drying out and falling off. Adult female leaf miners can also cause cosmetic damage. They create dot-like wounds where they feed. These wounds are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungi.

How to prevent (further) damage?

You could use the braconid wasp to combat leaf miners. This natural predator lays its eggs inside the larvae of the leaf miners, wiping out a new generation.

About leaf miners

The body of the leaf miner is yellow-green, grey or black. Its length varies from 2 to 6.5 millimetres. There are three varieties of leaf miner that can become a pest. These are the grain leaf miner, the serpentine leaf miner and the tomato leaf miner. Leaf miners are found worldwide on the stems, leaves, seeds and roots of plants and crops.
a leaf with leaf miner damage, with the insect itself also visible
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