How to make a nutrient solution for plants

How to make a nutrient solution for plants

Growing outdoors for beginners. Strictly speaking, a plant doesn’t need more than nature can give it. Most plants in nature grow in forests, moors and other unfertilised areas and they’re doing fine. But you’d like to have a good harvest this summer, so you want to shorten the growing phase. To speed things up, you can help with basic nutrients.

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A balanced diet

Plants can use a whole list of elements that positively influence their growth, the generation of chlorophyll and other important processes. In the growth phase, a plant needs these elements in other ratios than during bloom. Luckily you don’t need to worry about this if you have good basic nutrients. Plagron’s Alga Grow is a good example: it’s tuned to the requirements of a plant in it’s growth phase. Basic nutrition is available in all kinds of forms and content sizes. Plagron’s products are liquid and pretty concentrated. In other words: you need to mix it with water before giving it to your plants.


Alga Grow has a concentration of 1:250. This means you need to add 1 ml of nutrients to 250 ml of water. If you translate this to a litre of water you need to add a maximum of 4 ml of Alga Grow. With every additional litre of water you add another 4 ml.

On prefertilised substrates

Of course, if you are using a prefertilised substrate in a pot, like Batmix, you don’t need to add grow nutrients for the first six weeks. After this period you might notice a color change in the leaves. If these start to yellow a little bit, you need to start with the basic nutrition.

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