Growing indoors with 100% Hydro and Green Sensation

Growing indoors with 100% Hydro and Green Sensation

Experienced growers prefer hydroponics. The accuracy and speed with which you can administer and adjust nutrient levels require experience and knowledge of plants. Continual measuring of EC and pH levels also takes some skill. But how do products from our grow schedule affect your plants in a hydroponic cultivation? Find out below.

Plagron’s hydro nutrients Hydro A&B and substrate Euro Pebbles

Depending on the watering system you’re using, you may or may not be using a substrate. In either case, your plants require a good mix of hydro nutrients. Our two component nutrient Hydro A&B contains NPK-fertilisers to strengthen your plant in growth and bloom. How is this product different from a system with seperate growth and bloom nutrients? Hydro nutrients contain more calcium and magnesium. These secondary nutrients are building blocks for firm cell walls and formation of chlorophyll. Hydroponic substrates like clay pebbles, coco or rock wool or usually rinsed out and do not contain nutrients. Our Euro Pebbles and Cocos Premium are good examples. De fertilisers in Hydro A&B ensure that your plants get alle the nutrients they would normally receive from soil or peat based substrate. This makes these nutrients perfect for indoor growers who can’t or don’t want to use soil.

Plagron 100% HYDRO grow schedule

Besides a substrate and hydro nutrients, we advise to use 3 additives in our grow schedule: Power Roots, Pure Zym and Green Sensation. Power Roots improves the root development of the plant in the growth phase while Pure Zym help with the availability of nutrients for the roots. It’s an excellent cooperation between these two products, which benefits your plant greaty. Once your plant has had a good growth and starts the flowering phase on that basis, you can use Green Sesnation to give fruit formation an extra boost.

Growing hydroponically with Green Sensation

If you’re following the 100% HYDRO grow schedule, you’ll be using Green Sensation from the fourth week of flowering. Green Sensation boosts flowering with four positive effects in one: it generates more and bigger fruit, enhances the physical resistance of the plant and improves your yields. In a soil or peat based substrate, it’s also a soil improver. As an indoor hydroponics grower, that’ll be less useful to you. Green Sensation dissolves easily into solutions, which makes it very easy to use in all types of watering systems. By using Green Sensation, you’re going for the best possible result with your hydroponic cultivation.
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Growing indoors with 100% Hydro and Green Sensation
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