Propagate from cuttings or seeds?

Propagate from cuttings or seeds?

You can start your cultivation from seeds that you need to germinate, grow, transplant and prepare for planting. But for many plant species you can also grow from cuttings. You either make or buy cuttings. What are the advantages and drawbacks of growing from seeds and cuttings? And how do you take cuttings?

Pros and cons of propagate from seeds.

Pros and cons of propagate from cuttings.

How do I take cuttings?

You’ve chosen to take cuttings from an existing plant. But how does that work? A cutting is usually a branch or a small plant growing beside the mother plant, still connect to it by roots.

Plant the cuttings around the rim of a small pot. Four or five cuttings to a pot are fine. The cuttings don’t need much water, by the way. If the potted soil gets too moist, the cuttings will rot. Keep the pots with cuttings nice and warm in a propagator with a transparent lid. Keep your cuttings in there until they’re well rooted. After that, they get their own pots.

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