Fast results with Terra Bloom in the flowering phase

Fast results with Terra Bloom in the flowering phase

Terra Bloom is the specialised flowering nutrient of our 100% TERRA grow style. Since it is a mineral nutrient, it is quickly taken up by your plants and doesn’t leave residue in irrigation systems. This makes it ideal for indoor growers!

Why do you need a bloom nutrient?

Plants have different needs at each point in their life cycle. Flowering requires different nutrients in different ratios (NPK) than growth. Terra Bloom is specifically made for these different requirements. It contains less nitrogen, which a flowering plants doesn’t need as much of. The ratio of phosphorus and potassium is increased. These elements are essential to strong, healthy flowering and the production of a good yield.

Additives from Plagron

We advise you to use Pure Zym and Power Roots along with Plagron Terra Bloom in the first few weeks of flowering. From the fourth week you should start adding Green Sensation. You can add Sugar Royal throughout the entire cultivation. This combination ensures optimal flowering by providing the correct nutrients and helping plants with energy management. You can try these combinations at a good price with our Starter Set 100% TERRA and Top Grow Box 100% TERRA. Both of these sets include Terra Grow, Terra Bloom and additives.

Plagron 100% TERRA Grow Schedule

Want to know more about use and dosage of Plagron Terra Bloom? Download the 100% TERRA grow schedule or use our Grow Schedule Calculator for a tailor made schedule. These will show clearly how much Terra Bloom and additives you need to water your plants with at each point in your grow.

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