Enzymes in Pure Zym as catalysts

Enzymes in Pure Zym as catalysts

Enzymes are catalysts. These start up or accelerate processes without being used up themselves. Enzymes are active soil improvers that have a positive effect on the structure of your substrate. With Plagron Pure Zym you can add fluid enzymes to improve your substrate and help your plant. How does it work?

What do enzymes do?

Most enzymes found in soil have two functions: they break down materials, like dead plant tissue, and they convert these into nutrients. There are many different kinds of enzymes in nature. The most common types in the soil are amylase, protease, lipase, cellulase and chitinase. Each one of these is named for the material they break down: lipase breaks down lipids, which are fats. And cellulase breaks down cellulose, an important part of wood tissue.

How do enzymes get in the soil?

Most enzymes come from microbes like bacteria and fungi. But a plant also releases enzymes itself. This is done through its sap, which is released into the soil through the roots. Wherever plants grow, enzymes are present in the soil.

Enzymes and different growing mediums

Depending on your growing medium, the number and type of enzymes may differ. For instance, a cocos substrate has different enzymes in it than a peat substrate. This is because there are other tissues to break down in these different soil types. The number of enzymes depends on the amount of organic material in your substrate. You can add natural soil enzymes to your substrate with several of our products like Bat Guano and Mega Worm. Plagron's Pure Zym is our only dedicated fluid enzyme product, however. 

When to use Plagron Pure Zym?

Plagron Pure Zym can help your plants in the early half of your grow. It will break down organic remnants in used soil to make nutrients available.You can also use Plagron Pure Zym to rinse Cocos substrates like Cocos Premium and Euro Pebbles if you want to reuse them. This helps to purify the substrate for the next cycle.

Plagron Pure Zym in Grow Schedules

Want to know more about the use and dosage of Plagron Pure Zym? Download one of our grow schedules to see how to include Pure Zym in our different growstyles. Use the Grow Schedule Calculator for a tailor made grow schedule. This way you’ll see exactly how much basic nutrients, Plagron Pure Zym and other additives you should give your plants at any moment.

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