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Dos & Don’ts of flowering: Dos

Growing outdoors for beginners. Besides flowering nutrients and plant support, there are other things you can do to help your plants. But you can also do things to harm them, even with the best intentions. Time to look over some dos and don’ts.

What can I do to help my plants?

  • Ventilation. When growing outdoors, ventilation doesn’t seem too much of an issue. Your plants are in the open air! There’s wind out there, isn’t there? True, but most outdoor growers will protect their outdoor plants to some degree. In fact, it’s good to protect your plants from strong winds from several directions. You might also decide to black out your plants, to force the onset of flowering. All these measures limit ventilation. What blacking out means for ventilation depends on whether you’re growing in pots or open soil.
    • If you’re growing in pots, you can black out your plants in a shed or using a plastic cover. In that case, it’s very important to put the plants back in the fresh air once the sun has gone down. If you keep them warm and moist under cover for too long, they will form mold.
    • Are your plants in open soil and immobile? Then it’s important to choose a spot with some airflow, but without strong wind. Don’t forget to remove covers at night if you’re blacking out your plants. Ensure your flowers aren’t covered by foliage too much. Trim off some leave that are too close to your flowers to increase air flow.
  • Humidity. Depending on the area you live in, the weather can be quite different. Extreme heat, drought and humidity are all bad for your plants. Obviously, you can’t control humidity in outdoors growing as easily as you might indoors. But if you’re blacking out your plants, it’s good to make sure it doesn’t get to dry or moist under the cover.
Light. Your plants are dependent on the day-night rhythm to start flowering. It’s important that your plants get enough dark hours. But during the day, they want light! Remove other plants or objects that block light and don’t leave your plants under a roof or cover. Do you black your plants out before sunset? Be careful not to interrupt the rhythm you’ve established.
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