Discover our 100% COCO grow style

Discover our 100% COCO grow style

Do you want to grow hydroponically, but with pH buffer for safety? Our coconut fibre substrates are just the ticket! We offer several types of cocos substrate, each with specific advantages for different growers. Read on to learn more.

Plagron Cocos Premium

Plagron Cocos Premium is the basic form of our coco fibre substrate. It is unique because it is rinsed, buffered and steamed not once, but twice. This gives our Cocos products a bigger pH-buffer than comparable products. This guarantees that it’s clean and contains practically zero nutrients. Cocos Premium is also available as Cocos Slab (coco peat grow bag) for easy to use slabs and as Cocos Brix in a compressed form for easy transport.

Plagron Hydro Cocos 60/40

Plagron Hydro Cocos 60/40 is a combination of two high quality substrates: Euro Pebbles and Cocos Premium. The mix contains 60% clay pebbles and 40% coconut fibre. It’s well suited for growing in pots and recirculation systems because the clay pebbles have a high water and oxygen capacity. The fully buffered Cocos coir has a stable pH value.

Plagron Cocos Perlite 70/30

Plagron Cocos Perlite 70/30 is another popular combination of two of our substrates: Cocos Premium and Perlite. This one contains a slightly different mix: 70% coconut fibre and 30% perlite. It uses the same fully buffered Cocos coir with its reliable stable pH value. The perlite makes the substrate more airy and improves drainage. A perfect coco perlite mix.

Basic nutrients Cocos A&B

Our cocos substrates work perfectly with the Cocos A&B basic nutrients. This is a two component nutrient which is specially developed for buffered coconut substrates and are universally applicable. Watch the product video of Cocos A&B:.

Where to buy Plagron cocos substrates in the UK?

Use our Shop Locator to find out where you can buy our Cocos substrates and nutrients.

Plagron Grow Schedule 100% COCO

We created a Grow Schedule for the 100% COCO grower. All products, Cocos Premium, Cocos Slabs, Cocos Brix, Plagron Hydro Cocos 60/40, Plagron Cocos Perlite 70/30 and basic nutrients Cocos A&B are included. We advise week by week the dossage, ec value, ph value to get your legendary grow. On top of this we also advise which additives to use. Find the downloadable document here. Do you want to create a grow schedule based on your situation? Use our grow schedule calculator


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