Creating and using a grow schedule

Creating and using a grow schedule

It doesn’t matter if they’re in pots or open soil: sooner or later your plants can use some help with their continued growth. But which nutrients should you use, how much of it and when? The answers to these questions are different in every phase of a plant’s life. It’s handy to have a schedule that clearly states the necessary dosage and type of nutrition as well as any additives you want to use.

Plagron Grow Schedule Calculator

We have a Plagron Grow Schedule Calculator available that can help you to create grow schedules tailored to your situation. 

  1. To start off, you indicate the grow style that you’re using. For a first outdoor grow, that would be 100% NATURAL. We advise you to use nutrients and substrate from the same grow style.
  2. Next, choose if you’re using pots or open soil.
    • Pots. Indicate the capacity of your pots and how many pots you’re going to use. Are you unsure about the capacity of your pots? You can calculate this by measuring height, width and depth and filling these into the calculator on the site.
    • In the ground. Indicate how many square meters of ground you are going to grow on and how many plants you’ll be putting into the ground.
  3. Now you need to indicate the type of substrate you’re using. You can use the Product Selector to help with a choice of substrate.
  4. The next step is indicating the length of the growth and flowering phase. These are different for every species of plant and you might not be sure yet. There is a table with growth and flowering periods of the most popular fruit and vegetable plants. You will usually get information about growth and flowering when buying seeds as well.
  5. Finally, indicate how much water (that is nutrient solution) you want to prepare for your plants.
  6. Click on ‘Calculate your grow schedule’ and you’ll be presented with a Plagron grow schedule with dosages for basic nutrients and three additives for the best results. Below this there is a link which let you download the schedule and another link to the Shoplocator.

Using your grow schedule

So, what’s in your feeding chart, exactly? The numbers of the grow weeks are displayed from left to right. Under each of these numbers you can see what you need to give to your plants in that week. The quantities are always adapted to the amount of water you indicated earlier. Save the schedule to your phone, so you always have it with you.

At the bottom of the feeding chart, several additives are mentioned. These can help your plant to have a good start. This will lead to a higher and better yield during flowering. These additives are just as easy to use as the basic nutrients.

Products in grow schedule

Power Roots and Green Sensation are advised additives for every grow style. Other products depend on the grow style you use. 100% NATURAL products will always appear in one grow schedule, because basic nutrients Alga Grow and Alga Bloom perform best on 100% NATURAL substrates like Batmix or Promix

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Using the product selector

Green Sensation is four products in one


Want to know where to buy this product? Or perhaps you’re looking for a custom schedule or just a helping hand? Our Tools have got you covered.

Grow Schedule Calculator


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