Copper deficiency

Copper deficiency

You're dealing with a lack of copper when young leaves start to wither and dry out. This happens because copper is not mobile in the plant, meaning young leaves draw copper from older leaves. The leaves curl down and hang limp. They will also get a faint blue glow. Stems, branches and twigs can be less strong and might break easier. A plant with copper deficiency will also grow slower than a healthy one.

How do you recognise a copper deficiency?

What is the (possible) cause?

How can you prevent it?

Prevention is better than cure. Choose a copper rich potting soil for your plant to grow in. Use one of our basic nutrients (like Hydro A&B) to reduce the likelihood of a deficiency. Also keep abiotic factors in mind. These include temperature, light intensity, acidity, amount of moisture and wind strength.

How can you cure it?

You can add extra copper by fertilising. If you think a high pH value is the cause, we recommend rinsing your system with clean, pH-controlled water. Results will be visible within a few days. Older leaves might not recover and are best removed.

What does copper do for the plant?

Copper increases the resistance of the plant. It plays a role in enzyme reactions that are important for photosynthesis. In addition, copper ensures the formation of lignin. Lignin makes the cell wall waterproof, sturdy and better protected against bacteria and fungi.

Not sure if you have a copper deficiency?

Contact our grow expert via Servicedesk and ask for advise.

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