What do you get when you buy the Best Buds pack?  

One pack includes the following items, at a price of €49,95. And we ship it to you for free!

• 250 ml Green Sensation
• 100 ml Sugar Royal sample
• Plagron cap
• Measuring cup
• Product guide

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Grow legendary!

Some heroes prefer to work alone. Green Sensation used to be one of them.
It combines four effects in one bottle, making it essential for every serious grower.
But now the hero has a sensational sidekick for the best taste: Sugar Royal!
If you combine these two best buds, you will achieve legendary results.

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Green Sensation

Green Sensation is our flowering additive which is a lot more than just a booster. It combines 4 positive effects in 1 bottle. It improves flowering, increases resistance, improves the soil and maximises your yield. This results in heavier and more compact flowers. It forces the plant to produce heavier and denser flowers due to saltstress.

Sugar Royal

Sugar Royal is our special amino acid product. It greatly improves the taste of your end product and speeds up the growth of your plants. Sugar Royal contains a substance which triggers drought stress. Due to this stress the plant produces more resin. This resin is what makes the flavour and smell of the herbs. It is high in flavonoids, terpenes and essential oils. 

Best buds

Green Sensation for the highest yield and Sugar Royal for the best taste!

Try our legendary combination now, with our limited Best Buds pack.

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